The Zambian Connection – Supporting wildlife conservation in the Lower Zambezi

Supporting wildlife conservation in the Lower Zambezi

Raising much-needed funds for Conservation Lower Zambezi and providing valuable resources for environmental education in Zambian schools.

“I fell in love with this wild and remote place; it reached out and grabbed me by the heart.”

I was lucky enough to work in the Lower Zambezi a few years ago and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. To work and live in a remote and wild part of the world, amongst the wildlife is a humbling and grounding experience.

It became clear to me that I could help raise funds for disadvantaged and orphaned children living in the Chiawa region of Zambia; this is a rural and remote area where children only have access to secondary education if they have funds to pay for it.

In collaboration with the conservation unit in the Lower Zambezi, I have committed to help many bright, aspiring children. The conservation unit will run the sponsorship programme on the ground.

I am looking to collaborate with UK schools who would be interested in sponsoring and / or working with remote, rural Zambian secondary schools. For those who are interested in projects like these, I run guided canoe trips down the Zambezi river. We camp under the stars and visit local villages, schools and the conservation unit for whom we are raising funds. These trips are open to both businesses and individuals.

Projects we support

Wildlife Conservation

Our fundraising supports Conservation Lower Zambezi in their work to protect natural wildlife in the Lower Zambezi National Park and surrounding Game Management Areas. This work consists of over 11,000 patrol man-days per year; in 2018, this resulted in 173 poachers being apprehended as well as 84 firearms and 60 pieces of ivory being recovered.

In order to provide this vital conservation work, Conservation Lower Zambezi works in partnership with local government departments and community initiatives. For example, CLZ provides essential supplies, transport and communications to local foot and aerial patrols and community scout units; all of these groups work with the primary objective of monitoring for illegal activities.

In recent years, CLZ, working in collaboration with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife have recognised the need for specialised law enforcement units to carry out their work effectively. With this in mind, a ‘Detection and Tracking Dog Unit’ and ‘Investigation and Intelligence Units’ have been established, whilst a ‘Marine Unit’ is currently in the process of development.

Schools & Education

Conservation Lower Zambezi created the Nzou Environmental Education Programme in 2004 with the intention of raising awareness for the environmental challenges in the region. Through this work, it aims to develop a generation who take pride in the area’s unique natural heritage, and are aware of their responsibility to protect it.

Most of the children live in close proximity to the park, but have little exposure to it. From the perimeters, their limited experience and knowledge of the wildlife is often fairly negative. In addition, the exploitation of nature (whether through poaching or otherwise) is normalised for these children.

The Education Programme, which strives to improve attitudes to wildlife and natural resources reaches over 3,500 children per year. Currently, it does this through school visits, teacher training and an outreach programme. However, an exciting new IT-based learning programme is in the process of being rolled out, and looks set to further improve access to this important knowledge.


We are passionate about protecting this beautiful, naturally-diverse environment, but we need your help! Please help us in our mission to maintain and preserve it for posterity.

Every penny raised goes directly to Conservation Lower Zambezi.

Please click on the donate button below to visit our Go Fund Me page.

Sponsored Canoe Trip – Zambezi River

01st July – 10th July 2024

This trip is a great team building exercise with particular emphasis on collaboration, listening, and communication skills.
If you would like to organise a trip for a group of your own this can be arranged.


In July 2023, a select group of adventurers will be taking part in a sponsored canoe trip to raise funds and support Conservation Lower Zambezi. Their quest? To educate the local communities on human/wildlife conflict, protecting the environment and wildlife, anti-poaching patrols and sustainability.

This wild and remote wilderness lends itself beautifully to team building experiences. Tailor-made with your outcomes and objectives, you are guaranteed strong connections, flowing creativity and personal transformations.

For more information and to download the Application Form, please click on the links below.




Trips can be arranged for private groups, companies and personal development programmes


In partnership with Wildtracks (Tulukani Adventures) who specialise in school children’s activities. Interaction with local rural schools.


We are looking for main sponsors to help us build a safe boarding house as well as teachers accommodation.

Teachers are often sent to remote locations with few or no facilities to accommodate them.

As well as secondary school scholarship funds we are looking to support these young people in further education.

If you can help in any way please get in touch.

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Looking to find out more about our project? Or are you interested in joining us on our next Canoe Trip? Get in touch with Jane, and she’ll be delighted to discuss the project in further detail with you.

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